Multi-call handling

Save both time and money with our multi-call handling feature. Operators can handle multiple inbound support requests at one time.

Easy web site integration

There is no complicated software to install in any aspect of HelpReach. No server software. No agent software. And, most importantly, no software for your site visitor to install. To make HelpReach available on your site, you simply add a link to your site with an optional graphic. It's as easy as that.

Support anywhere

Our servers are online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to provide your company with un-compromised service.

Frequent response handling

In almost every customer service situation, you are dealing with similar questions in each inquiry. Save time and allow your representatives to deal with multiple calls by using pre-written answers. Your representative can copy the answer they would like to use to the call in progress, and even modify it before sending it to the user.

Call distribution between multiple CSRs

If you're a company that needs more than one agent managing your support, our system allows for easy distribution between agents. As each agent is able to take on another call, they can click the accept call button on their LaunchPad. Each agent can accept as many simultaneous calls as they feel they can handle.

No installations

You can utilize our powerful ASP technology in no time. There are no platform problems, hard to read manuals, downloads, and no installations.


Is your business expanding? The HelpReach Live Chat Suite is 100% scalable to meet the needs of our clients. With one simple request our clients can add users to manage their needs.

Supervisor chat monitoring and join chat

All chats have a unique chat id that allows supervisors or other office personnel to join particular chats if required.

Comprehensive reporting

  • Easily accessible web-based reports
  • Track statistics by company or individual operator
  • Reports downloadable in Microsoft Excel formats
  • Web-based online help (yes, we use our own products!)
  • Transcript logs by operator, date, or keyword searchable

Transcript archives

All chats are archived for future reference. Operators can even use the pre-determined responses to frequently ask questions to allow better service. We host - no impact on your hosting bandwidth


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